Short review- To kill a mockingbird

An alternative title could be “How to be a scout”. The overall tone of the author is Optimistic and didactic.

6362595869232108521231969575_To Kill a Mockingbird background.jpg

A family of predominantly two children and a father is the core of the novel.  Set in 1940s, the novel is mostly described from the eyes of two children. The initial chapters of the book are written in such good English with nicely inserted dramatic words and poetic phrases that it’ll make you fall in love with it right away. However, the language eases out as the story proceeds.

In the novel, The children are naïve and thus observe the world in a very idealist way. There is a sense of optimism throughout the novel, even at the times of distress in the family after losing the case, we get the feeling of positivity that the final ball will be in their court. The writing beautifully portrays the relationship between the children and their father. The kindness in the children is nicely balanced with the rebellious nature of them towards the ‘rules’ of the world. The father is inarguably the best character. He is courageous and serves as the best possible guide to their children. The town is beautifully described while keeping the storyline of the relationship between the characters. The overall balance between kindness and forgiveness and the child and adult perspectives makes it a good read.



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